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The American Homebrewers Association

Established in 1978, the American Homebrewers Association (AHA), is more than a group of homebrewers. There is so much more to the organization what was founded before homebrewing was legal in the US.

The AHA was founded by Charlie Papazian after he and his friend. Charlie Matzen, published a short newsletter about homebrewing in the Boulder, Colorado area. This newsletter came to become the bimonthly magazine published by the AHA and distributed to all of its 47,000 members, Zymurgy. Every AHA member receives this magazine containing articles about ingredients, equipment, homebrew recipes, reviews of commercial beers, and much more. Also, members of the AHA have access to the back issues dating back to 2000.

The main goal of the AHA is not to publish Zymurgy. The AHA spends much effort helping guide local groups through legislation to support homebrewing. Although homebrewing has been legal on the federal level since President Carter in 1978, each stats has its own laws. It wasn’t until 2013 that homebrewing has been legal is all 50 states. Mississippi became the last state to legalize homebrewing on July 1, 2013. (Alabama was the last state to approve legal homebrewing but its law went into effect immediately after the Governor signed the bill on May 9, 2013 while Mississippi’s law, approved earlier, didn’t go into effect until July 1.) Even with homebrewing now legal everywhere, what exactly can be made and how it can be shared is not always clear in each state. The AHA provides a resource for local groups that run into ambiguous existing legislation and new legislation that may limit the enjoyment of the hobby, usually through unintended consequences.

The AHA annually puts on Homebrew Con, formally the American Homebrewers Conference. This massive conference moves to a new location each year to highlight the local commercial and homebrewing scene. This year, 2017, Homebrew Con is in Minneapolis. In order to attend Homebrew Con, you must be a member of the AHA. Homebrew Con is also the location of the last round of the largest homebrewing competition, the National Homebrew Competition (NHC). This competition is so large there are regions set up months before Homebrew Con that beers need to pass through. Only the best of the best from AHA members make it to NHC at Homebrew Con.

If you are not interested in attending Homebrew Con or entering your brews into a competition, AHA members receive still more benefits. The AHA teams up with local breweries to put on AHA Rallies. At these rallies, breweries open their doors for a tour, a discussion with brewers, usually a tasting (or two), and some door prizes. Some breweries even provide attendees with wort prepared on their system for members to take home.

Another connection between breweries and AHA members are AHA Member Deals. A number of breweries offer discounts to AHA members. These discounts are sometimes happy hour prices all the time, a drink size upgrade, growler fill discounts, or discount of food or merchandize. In the Twin Ports area, Bent Paddle Brewing Co, Fitgers’ Brewhouse, and Old Chicago offer discounts. Homebrew stores also get in the action. We at Duluth Homebrew offer a 10% discount for AHA members.

Where can you find all of these discounts? The AHA launched a model app to help members find all their benefits. Brew Guru is available to AHA members and nonmembers who love beer. The app features a map overlaid with locations of breweries and homebrew stores that offer discounts and even those that do not. You can even set the app to give you an alert when you get close to someplace that offers a discount. In addition to pointing out breweries and discounts, the app contains articles to read while you wait for your beverage.

So, how do you become an AHA member? You can join on the AHA webpage or come into Duluth Homebrew. We sell gift card memberships you can take with you.

If you are not yet a member, join the AHA, support homebrewing throughout the country, learn about homebrewing, and save with the discounts.