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Fill Your Ears with Brewing Knowledge

There are many resources available to improve your brewing knowledge. I, Nathan, have a library of brewing books but find it difficult to find time to relax and read with work and two young kids. To fill my need to absorb knowledge, I listen to a lot of podcasts. Many of these podcasts are brewing related. Here is a list of podcasts I enjoy listening to. Listen while brewing. Listen while commuting. Listen while doing yard work. Listen while getting exercise.


After Two Beers –

After Two Beers is a podcast put out by All About Beer Magazine. Each episode interviews a professional brewers and “other engaging beer experts” in a casual setting, after drinking two beers together.

Basic Brewing Radio –

Basic Brewing Radio started with audio and video podcasts back in 2005. James Spencer and other hosts explore brewing topics, often with guests, designed for the starting brewer. They have even made some instructional DVD’s for the beginning brewer. This podcast covers a wide range of topics presented clearly for any level brewer.

BeerDownload –

“BeerDownload is the only podcast that pits beers heat to head in a tournament style competition to find out which beer reigns supreme.” BeerDowload started in 2010 with a tournament bracket of 256 beers that were drank and ranked by one of the hosts the previous year. Each podcast put two of the beers against each other in a taste test. The best beer that day moved one. The show was, and is, recorded in the Chicago area so the beer news is Chicago and Midwest focused. Currently, BeerDownload is recorded and broadcast out of WLPN Lumpen Radio and is running a smaller tournament.

BeerSmith Podcast –

The BeerSmith Podcast is an informational podcast hosted by Brad Smith. Brad is the creator of the popular BeerSmith Home Brewing Software. The Podcast explores topics and styles with interviews from brewing authors, brewers, and other industry experts. You don’t need to use BeerSmith to enjoy this (but the BeerSmith software is great).

Experimental Brewing –

Homebrewers and authors Drew Beechum and Denny Con talk beer, homebrewing, and experiments testing what you thought you knew about brewing beer.

Master Brewers Podcast –

Published by The Master Brewers Association of the Americas, the Master Brewers Podcast explores topics for the professional brewer with interviews. Often the guests discuss an article published in the Master Brewers Quarterly. Even though the quests and topics are aimed at professional brewers, experienced homebrewers will find many of the discussions interesting and may find something to apply to their brewing.

The Beer Temple Insiders Roundtable –

Owner of the Beer Temple craft beer store in Chicago, Chris Quinn, holds a weekly discussion about beer with brewers, distributers, bloggers, and enthusiasts; beer insiders. The guests often have a Chicago focus but the topics are those that interest the industry professionals around the country. The Insiders Roundtable is broadcast and recorded at WLPN Lumpen Radio.

The Brewing Network –

The Brewing Network was founded in 2005 as an internet radio station focused on hombrewing and craft beer. All the radio shows are available live and through podcasts. The shows are produced in the Bay Area of California so there is usually more focus west coast beers. Also, many of the shows don’t hold back on the language, so listening with young or easily offended members is not recommended. The Brewing Network has a strong following known as the BN Army and the homebrew club of these members won multiple American Homebrewers Association Club of the Year Awards.

The Session – The Session is the original radio show the launched the network. The shows are usually over two hours and include discussions on styles, interviews with brewers, brewing nest, and random radio talk. Many well-known contributors in the homebrewing and professional brewing worlds can be heard on the Session including Mike “Tasty” McDole, Warren “Beardy” Billups, Nate Smith, Jamil Zainasheff, Sean O’Sullivan.

Brewing the Style – The third iteration of the show hosted by award-winning homebrewer and author turned owner/brewer of Heretic, Jamil Zainasheff. This show focuses on one style a week, usually with a taste test and cumulating with a recipe.

Brew Strong – Get geeky with Jamil Zainasheff and the author John Palmer. Brew Strong gets technical on brewing topics for those who want to dive deeper. Current shows often go in depth to answer a listener question about the technical side of brewing.

The Sour Hour – A show about creating wild and sour beers. The Sour hour is hosted by Jay Goodwin of The Rare Barrel and usually has in-depth interviews with other professional sour beer makers from around the country.

Dr. Homebrew – Dr. Hombrew bills itself as a live BJCP score sheet. Each show addresses two listener submitted beers by two master BJCP judges while discussing the scoring with the brewer.

Retired Shows

The Jamil Show – The original show featuring Jamil Zainasheff. Each show focused on one of the BJCP indicated styles at the time with a description of the style and recipe.

Can You Brew It – When The Jamil Show ran out of styles, Jamil brought in Mike “Tasty” McDole to attempt to clone their favorite commercial beers. Sometimes the clones were judged by the professional brewers.

The Home-Brewed Chef – Beer chef Sean Paxton hosted this show about cooking with beer and pairing food with beer.

The Brülosophy Podcast –

The founders of Brülosophy discuss their beer experiments, xBmts, and analyze the results. This group of guys have been running scientific experiments on the result of brewing methods and ingredients for years. They have been publishing them on their blog web page. Now you can listen to them talk about one experiment at a time.


Well, there is a lot to listen to and there is so so much more that I don’t listen to. I hope you enjoy filling your ears with brewing knowledge as background or a way to escape what you are actually doing.