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Got a Brewing Question? Ask Homebrewing Forums

When you have a brewing question, who do you ask? You might have that friend who got you into brewing who still knows more, or seems to know more, than you do. But who do you go to when that source runs out? There are many books, but as Kanye West said, “they just be so wordy” and sometimes you don’t want to delve into them. We, at Duluth Homebrew Supply, have years of experience and are more than willing to answer your questions, but we even have questions we need answered. With modern technology, you can tap into hundreds of years of brewing experience by posting your question on a homebrewing forum. Of course, you may also receive hundreds of opinions back. Here is a short list of fairly active forum with good information, usually.

American Hombrewers Association Forum –

The American Homebrewers Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the community of homebrewers. They organize various events for homebrewers and help work on legislation to enhance and protect the rights of homebrewers and homebrewing as a hobby. (Psst: If you are not a member of the AHA, there are great benefits including a discount at Duluth Homebrew Supply. You can purchase a membership in the store or online.) Part of this is to support an active forum of homebrewers. Forum –

HomBrewTalk is the largest homebrewing forum on the internet. Started in 2004, it now includes a facebook page and regular blog entries. Almost anything you would want to find about homebrewing will be here for all levels of brewers.

Reddit Homebrewing –

Anything you would like to discuss is on Reddit somewhere. The homebrewing discussion is no different. There is a continuous discussion about anything and everything homebrewing. If you have a question, no matter how wacky of odd, someone will have an answer, somehow.

MoreBeer Brew Chat –

MoreBeer was founded as a homebrewing store in 1995 out of garage in the San Francisco area. Since then, MoreBeer and the entire MoreFlavor family has been an industry leader and innovator of equipment. Still privately owned by the original founders, MoreBeer is one of the largest nation-wide homebrewing retailers with multiple shipping locations. The MoreBeer Brew Chat Forum is a good resource for more than just MoreBeer customers.

Experimental Brewing Forum –

Started by authors and now podcasters Drew Beechum and Denny Con, Experimental Brewing was started to share their questioning of what is done in homebrewing. The forum is not large, but is not that old and Denny and Drew sometimes respond themselves.

The Brewing Network Forum –

The Brewing Network is source for live internet radio and podcasts on brewing (see the article on brewing podcasts for more information). It also has a large following, the BN Army, that engage on their forum.

Milk the Funk –

Milk the Funk began as a Facebook group in 2013 focusing on alternative yeast and bacteria fermentations. It has since grown to include a wiki and an active forum about funky beers and alternative brewing techniques.

If you have a brewing-related question, take advantage of your resources, forums included.  No question is too simple or too odd (Wanting to make a meat beer?  There is a discussion about it.).