Brewing Education

Classes + Answers for everyone from “Jedi Brewer” to “What’s beer?”

Brewing education is a huge part of our heart. Because homebrewing is such a nuanced craft, there is always something more to learn, and the journey is a lot easier—and fun—when you can learn from people who have been where you’re going.

We have classes for everyone from beginners to master brewers, taught by people with corresponding levels of experience. Your instructors share your level of passion and are here to help make your next homebrew experience a great one.

Meet our instructors


One half of the Duluth Homebrew sibling team, is a passionate people person. He brings with him a thorough knowledge of beer and brewing, and an abundance of energy. Kelly thrives on working with people, whether it’s helping them find the perfect hop for their lager, or getting families excited about the soda-creating process. He’s got a big heart and a demeanor that builds friendships in seconds flat.


Nathan has been homebrewing since 2007. Nathan has brewed everything from extract on the kitchen stove to all-grain fly sparging outside. He typically brews five gallon brew-in-a-bag all-grain and often splits those into smaller unique batches. When not at Duluth Homebrew Supply, you can find Nathan spending time with his family, two young boys, enjoying the Duluth outdoors, and drinking local beer at local establishments. Besides DHS, Nathan lectures physics and astronomy at the university level and shows elementary school groups around the Hartley Nature Center.

Special Guests

From time to time, guest brewmasters will provide expert-level instruction on the brewing of their signature beers.