Brewing Education

Classes + Answers for everyone from “Jedi Brewer” to “What’s beer?”

Brewing education is a huge part of our heart. Because homebrewing is such a nuanced craft, there is always something more to learn, and the journey is a lot easier—and fun—when you can learn from people who have been where you’re going.

We have classes for everyone from beginners to master brewers, taught by people with corresponding levels of experience. Your instructors share your level of passion and are here to help make your next homebrew experience a great one.

Meet our instructors


Jon is a longtime friend who recently got into homebrewing. For those who want to learn the basics, Jon is here to provide firsthand experience for those making their first foray into the wonderful world of homebrew.


A physics professor by day and brewer by night, Nate is here to answer your brewing questions the whole way down to the molecular level.

Special Guests

From time to time, guest brewmasters will provide expert-level instruction on the brewing of their signature beers.