About Us


Duluth Homebrew Supply was founded on the principle that making great beer is a key to building great relationships. We exist to make the craft of brewing open to all, and were built using both brains and brawn.

The brawn:

Kelly Katoski, one half of the Duluth Homebrew sibling team, is a passionate people person. He brings with him a thorough knowledge of beer and brewing, and an abundance of energy. Kelly thrives on working with people, whether it’s helping them find the perfect hop for their lager, or getting families excited about the soda-creating process. He’s got a big heart and a demeanor that builds friendships in seconds flat.

The brains:

Katie Hagglund could be called the mother hen of DHS. She’s kind, generous and always one step ahead. Her cheery spirit invites people to discuss their brewing questions and her depth of knowledge keeps the conversation flowing. The knack for business runs deep in her blood, and her organizational skills keeps every part of the shop stocked and in its place.

Katie and Kelly started Duluth Homebrew Supply to build on the already strong brewing culture that exists in the Northland, and be a resource for those looking to explore it a bit more. So, feel free to stop by, say hi, and see what’s brewing.