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Homebrewing as a craft. Homebrewing as a philosophy.

Homebrewing is a unique hobby. Whether you’re brewing beer, making wine or soda, homebrewing uniquely combines art and science. And it is one of those pursuits that is as fun for the beginner as it is for the master brewer.

But here’s the best part—it’s a hobby that is meant to be shared. Whether it’s the fun of planning your next brew, the anticipation that builds with every step of the process or the joy of enjoying the fruit of your efforts with friends and family, homebrewing brings people together.

We started Duluth Homebrew Supply not just because we love to make great beer. We did it because we love watching the spark of individual interest turn into something bigger—the building of community.

We look forward to being your trusted homebrewing resource, and growing this community, together.



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